Humane Veterinary Hospitals (HVH) provides veterinary services directly to the public with state of the art, nationally accredited animal hospitals.  HVH is also the exclusive veterinary service provider for all Humane Pennsylvania animal shelters, providing nearly one million dollars worth of veterinary services to homeless and stray pets each year, as well as to thousands of animals adopted from Humane PA shelters!

When you choose to bring your pet to Humane Veterinary Hospitals, you are choosing not only to obtain the highest possible level of care for your pet, you help to support the charitable work of HVH and Humane PA.  The profits earned don’t go to shareholders of some national corporation, they go right back to helping animals in need in your neighborhood and across Pennsylvania and America.

Those who can afford it pay prevailing market rates. Those who need assistance due to employment status, disability, or other hardship, receive sliding scale rates. HVH veterinarians also provide services at low or no cost in the community to help at risk populations of pets and people, as well as other animal welfare and rescue groups, through grant and donor support.   Our unique service model helps the entire community!

Humane Veterinary Hospitals is currently expanding to provide even more care to the community and sheltered animals.  Are you a veterinary professional who would like to join our team?  We’re hiring!  Click here for more information!


Put your veterinary health care dollars to good use for your pets and other pets in need!


Con­tact Infor­ma­tion: 610-921-VETS (8387),  email [email protected]
Hours: Humane Veterinary Hospitals Reading is open Monday through Friday. Saturdays may vary.
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