>> Please note prices and ser­vices are sub­ject to change. This list is only a gen­eral guideline.

We think it is important for you to know what to expect in the way of fees at the Veterinary Hospital of the HSBC.  Below is a listing of common services and procedures and their costs to you.  As always, prices may be subject to change and may vary from case to case.  Never hesitate to ask our staff to provide you with an estimate prior to scheduling an appointment or receiving service.


General Exam: $48 (additional pets $41)
Technician Visit: $16
Recheck Exams: $41
Sick/Problem Oriented Exam: $55
Vaccinations: $21-$32
Microchip Implantation: Free with a regularly scheduled exam, treatment, or surgery

Click here to learn more about the benefits of Microchip Identification for your pet. 


All sterilizations require a pre-op exam ($49).  For pets five years and under, a pre-op blood screening is strongly advised for the health and safety of your pet.  For pets over five, pre-op blood screening will be required.


Less than 40 lbs: $244
41-60 lbs: $276
61-80 lbs: $296
Over 80 lbs: $328
In heat/pregnant: Additional chargers apply.


Routine (Under 40 lbs): $177
Routine (40-60 lbs): $192
Routine (61-100 lbs): $224
Routine (over 100 lbs): $276

Cryptorchid (Inguinal): $234
Cryptorchid (Abdominal): $276
Cryptorchid (Bilateral): $338

FELINE SPAY – $192 (In heat/pregnant: Additional charges apply.)


Humane Veterinary Hospitals provide the same standard of care for all animals.  Those who require additional financial assistance should ask about our reduced and sliding scale fees.


Senator Edward Kennedy said in 1980, “Let us resolve that the state of a family’s health shall never depend on the size of a family’s wealth.”  Neither should the state of your pet’s health.

For those requiring a little extra assistance, Humane Veterinary Hospitals have several ways to help.  We offer a standardized sliding scale fee structure based upon client income.  These rates provide a 10% to 20% reduction in the costs to provide veterinary care.  The intention of this program is to allow pet owners to provide full and complete veterinary care for their pets but are financially incapable of.  Our hope is that we can help people keep their pet happy and happy where they belong- at home.

This program is need-based and requires pre-approval. It is open to all who qualify. Please print and fill out the Sliding Scale Discount Application and submit it during your next appointment with Humane Veterinary Hospitals.

Sliding scale pricing is based upon the Federal Poverty Guidelines and reduce rates by the following amounts*:

151% or above poverty rate: regular fee
141-150% of poverty rate: 10% off veterinary services
131-140% of poverty rate: 15% off veterinary services
121% or less of poverty rate: 20% off veterinary services

*Some services and items may be excluded from these discounts and some other services may be discounted at a higher rate. Some products, including Interceptor heartworm/intestinal worm preventive and Frontline flea/tick treatment are offered at low cost and are not discounted further.

Example: A family of four earning $31,800 (150% of Federal Poverty Rate) would be eligible for a 10% discount and a family of four earning $21,200 (100% of Federal Poverty Rate) would be eligible for a 33% discount.

Proof of eligibility is required (current pay stub or current determination of income status by an acceptable State or Federal human services agency).  Proof of status must be determined and approved prior to any treatment being provided at reduced rates.

Please contact us for more information about any of these special programs.  Some services, medications and procedures that are already being offered at, near or below cost may be excluded from the sliding scale program.